Stainless Steel Serrated Sickle

Stainless Steel Serrated Sickle
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Advantages of Serrated Sickle:

  • Easy cutting: Specially designed blades shapes
  • Long lasting: Especially stainless steel and heat treatments in iron steel.
  • Lightweight: Unbreakable PP and wooden handles are available.

Features of Serrated Sickle:

  • Serrated Sickles: Pitted on one side, ground on the other & induction tempered.
  • Conical blades for improved easy cutting.
  • Stainless Steel blade made of half-hard metal sheet material.
  • Long life camper to carbon steel sickle.
  • Supreme finish

Use of Serrated Sickle:

  • Moving with one hand in confined or difficult space.
  • For grass cutting and undergrowth plantation.
  • In gardening and farming.