EN9 Stainless Steel Sickle No. 1

EN9 Stainless Steel Sickle No. 1
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Product specification:

Particular Size
Material of Blade Half-Hard Stainless steel
Overall length (Approx.) 250 mm
Overall width (Approx.) 25.4 mm
Blade thickness (Approx.) 1.5 mm
Hardness of cutting edge 40-50 Tempered steel
Weight (Approx.) 210 gm.
Material of handle Wooden Handle
Application/ uses Harvesting and grass cutting

Features/ Advantages:

  • Made from High Quality Alloy Steel.
  • High Tech design of teeth and hence after long time use it is very easy to reshape from experience person.
  • Properly tempered with highly advance technology and proper tempering process on quality level EN9 grade material of well known manufacturer of India only.
  • Fitting of blade with unbreakable plastic handle done on Fully CNC based injection molding machine.
  • Cutting efficiency is High compare to other non quality sickle available in market.
  • Light in weight and government approved design.
  • Always use “PATEL” Brand Sickle and check logo on blade as well as on handle.
  • Wooden handle for better grip.
  • Blackening processed blade material helpful for long durability
  • Use for framing and gardening
Use Original Product Only – Having Brand name “PATEL” on Blade.